10 Songs to Sing With Your Kids to Help Build Self-Confidence With Wurrly!

10 Songs to Sing With Your Kids to Help Build Self-Confidence With Wurrly!

Most parents see their children as brilliant and full of potential. Teaching kids to see that within themselves though can be challenging, especially when a need for approval from the outside can overshadow acceptance from the inside. However, one terrific tool toward building a child’s self-belief is through song.

Music has the ability to tap deeply into children’s emotions and allows them to express their feelings. Well-written lyrics offer them the affirming words they may not yet be able to find on their own. Music enhances social skills, boosts intelligence, and helps kids cope more capably with the ups and downs of life.

Here are 10 top hits to get children tapping into and embracing their inner superstar. Singing these songs together is much more than just a fun way to spend family time; it’s planting seeds of self-esteem and confidence. When kids see how much their parents believe in them, they’ll believe it too and start to sparkle like the diamonds they are!

10) “The Climb” – Miley Cyrus

Life is a journey, not a destination. When children have faith in themselves, no matter the falls they take or mistakes they make, they can always overcome doubts and obstacles.  

9) “Don’t Stop” - Fleetwood Mac

This classic reminds kids to keep looking ahead because tomorrow is always an opportunity to try again. When they’ve had a bad day, it’s important to know it will get better.

8) “Eye Of The Tiger” - Survivor

A sure-fire, motivational booster shot, this rousing rock anthem is all about staying focused on a goal and going the distance to achieve it.

7) “Fight Song” – Rachel Platten

It’s easy to feel small in this big, busy world. But if we honor our own unique voice and place in the world, the truth is each and every one of us can make a powerful difference.

6) “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” – Pat Benatar

No matter who or what may try to knock them down, kids need learn that they can get back up again and be even stronger for it. And they can do it with a little rock ‘n roll attitude to boot!  

5) “Masterpiece” - Jessie J

Like a work of art, people need time to fully grow into their greatness. Understanding that patience is part of the process can make the sometimes bumpy ride a bit smoother for young minds and hearts.

4) “Brave” – Sara Bareilles

Courage builds confidence and self-respect. Teaching kids to speak up for themselves develops their self-trust and sets an encouraging example for others to do the same.

3) “Perfect” - Pink

We all could use reminders we’re more than enough just as we are. Wrong turns come with the territory. Helping kids understand mistakes are simply lessons and not personal failures can appease any negative self-talk that appears when things don’t work out.

2) “I Hope You Dance” – Lee Ann Womack

Most all parent’s wish is to see their children live life to the fullest and experience all it has to offer. We can’t know what we’re capable of unless we try, so encouraging kids to get in the game and not sit on the sidelines is the only way to find out.  

1) “The Greatest Love of All” – Whitney Houston

Learning to love and be true to oneself is indeed the greatest lesson a child can learn, because no one can ever take that away.

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