What Does Your Favorite Karaoke Song Say About You?!

What Does Your Favorite Karaoke Song Say About You?!

If you’re the friend in the group constantly blowing off adult responsibilities to attend karaoke night, you understand that everyone has that one song that is “their” karaoke song — you know, the song that physically pulls you out of your chair like Kylo Ren’s force choke in Star Wars. But all seasoned karaoke veterans know that this holy grail song isn’t just a song, but the musical version of your spirit animal — and is often someone’s very first impression of you.

So, before the next time you get up on stage and belt out your song to 20 people you don’t know (or your crush, perhaps), keep reading to find out what your favorite karaoke song says about you!

ABC — The Jackson 5

Hey, Mr. or Mrs. Life of the Party. You’re the one that can take even the lamest of parties and make them, as the kids say, LIT. You’re the class or office clown and live to make people laugh — and if someone steals one of your jokes and takes the credit, they’re toast. Friends go to you not to talk about their problems, but to forget about them and have a much needed lighthearted night.  You probably wear a lot of bright colors, and we wouldn’t be surprised if your goal in life is to move to California so that the beach can be part of your daily plans. Shine on, you little ray of sunshine, you.

Oops, I Did It Again — Britney Spears

If this 90s girl jam sensation is your karaoke song of choice, you’re absolutely nostalgic. You’ve probably had the same strong friend group for years and will have that same friend group when you’re roasting each other in the nursing home together. “Girl power” is basically your middle name, and nothing means more to you than getting up on stage and belting out the lyrics that molded you into the confident babe you are today. Though you love your throwbacks, your pop culture and “what’s hot right now” senses are off the charts. Because of the natural leader vibes you give off, you’re the friend everyone goes to when they need fashion advice (belly shirts are always a yes) or an opinion on whether to send a risky text or not.

Castle on the Hill — Ed Sheeran

You are finding yourself. Whether you just graduated from high school or college, are looking for a job, or are going through a breakup, you might be a little lost right now, and that’s okay.  You have a strong sense of wanderlust, but remembering your childhood and where you came from gives you a sense of security and has built you into the explorer you are today. Even though you’re at a fork in the road, you’ve never been the type to give up, and your close circle sees that. You’re the friend people go to when they’re feeling alone or need a shoulder to cry on, because you know that confronting your feelings instead of ignoring them is what makes us human.

Popular — Wicked

Your parents probably have a box full of old movies of you as a toddler performing shows in the living room (wearing heels that are too big for you and lipstick that looks like the Joker’s smile across your face, obviously). You love to be the center of attention — whether that’s on a stage or rolling in the Instagram likes. Using an “inside voice” is basically a foreign concept to you, but it’s fine — you were born to stand out. You wear what you want regardless of if Kim Kardashian says it’s stylish, and may have multiple styles that keep people guessing what you’ll wear next. I mean, as someone with a passion for acting and the arts, your chameleon abilities make you able to take on any personality.

Your Love — Nicki Minaj

It might be one of her more lovey dovey songs, but let’s get one thing straight: Nobody messes with you. When you’re sad, it’s only for about five minutes, because you hear your inner Nicki Minaj telling you to get back up and slay the competition. You can be quiet at times, but that doesn’t mean you’re shy — you’re just good at sitting back and watching things unfold. You don’t take crap from anybody (in the most loving way, of course) and people recognize that. You are the definition of a loyal friend, tough, and besties know they can count on you to have their back and stand up for them. Plus, rapping all of the words in any Nicki Minaj verse without messing up is a skill from the gods.

My Heart Will Go On — Celine Dion

This may be a given, but you’re totally a hopeless romantic (and that’s not a bad thing — that “I have no feelings” trend is so 2017). Whether or not you like to admit it, you’re a mush, and probably cry at just about anything, including videos of dogs and old people on Twitter. It’s fine though, because that “appreciate the little things” makes you the optimist everyone needs in their life. Regardless of heartbreak or dark times, you keep persisting. The glass is half full to you and you always try to see the good in people, making you an inspiration and positive influence to everyone around you. Sing those high notes like your life depends on it, pal.

Can’t Feel My Face — The Weeknd

Music: On. World: Off. Everyone likes music, but music is basically a way of life to you — and you’re not about to let anyone take your passion away. You’re the type to break out in a mini dance in the Starbucks line and post screenshots of your current Spotify playlist to your Instagram story multiple times a day. This song (like most songs by The Weeknd) is one that doesn’t just suggest, but requires boogieing down and singing, and after your most recent failed exam (or relationship) you aren’t trying to do anything but mindlessly dance and sing. Party on, my friend.

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