5 Ways to Enjoy Valentine's Day When You're Single

5 Ways to Enjoy Valentine's Day When You're Single

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Day is HERE. As much as February 14th is known as a holiday for love, it is also known as the one day out of the year that flagrantly pulls at the heartstrings of all the ladies and gentleman who are... single. With that being said, we thought it might be nice to encourage all of the people who are, shall we say, “up for grabs” to make this year more about thyself! Of course, if you have that special someone we support proclaiming your love for one another. However, if you just haven't been hit by cupid’s (selective) bow and arrow, it can’t hurt to switch it up and celebrate those who are celebrating themselves this V-Day!

Just because you haven't bumped into Mr. or Mrs. “right” doesn’t mean you should sit at home alone and consume an entire carton of ice cream in one sitting...although that doesn’t sound too shabby. Here are some ideas for how to enjoy Valentine’s Day when you are single.

1. Celebrate ‘Pal’entine’s Day

Yes, ‘Pal’entine’s Day is a real thing! Nothing eliminates feelings of loneliness better than surrounding yourself with good company. Get together with other single friends and throw a karaoke party! By the time you’re finished belting out “Sorry Not Sorry” by Demi Lovato or “Same Old Love” by Selena Gomez you won’t even remember what day it is! If you and your friends are looking to keep things more low-key head to the movie theatre or better yet, get comfy on the couch and knock any mushy couples you see scrolling through your Instagram feed. BUT make sure to keep it between you and your ‘Pal’entine’s Day group of course!

2. Send a Wurrlygram to a Loved One

In this case, “loved one” does not have to signify a significant other. Maybe this Valentine’s Day the love of your life is your son, daughter, grandchild, pet, a childhood best friend, or even YOU! Hop on the Wurrly app and choose your favorite love song. Record your performance, customize your Wurrlygram with a video filter and a heartfelt caption, then share it with your loved one(s)! If the love of your life is you, sing it loud and proud and share it on your own social media accounts! The Wurrly community is all for self-love.

3. Treat Yourself

Wake up and smell the roses! Literally. Don’t let those pesky feelings of loneliness stop you from enjoying beautiful mother nature! You don’t need a dozen roses sent to your doorstep from a boyfriend or girlfriend (although that would be nice). Let your independence SHINE and head to the market to buy yourself some flowers this Valentine’s Day. While you’re at it, spoil yourself with an unnecessary amount of chocolate and get lost in a new book!

4. Binge Watch

Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to binge watch a TV series you have been dying to start or have a movie marathon. There is absolutely nothing wrong with “Netflix & Chilling” alone. Hey, for a lot of us that makes this day no different than any other! If you want to embrace your emotions and sulk in your singleness, watching a classic movie like “The Notebook” can definitely take you there. If you would rather honor your autonomy, the TV series “New Girl” might better suit your needs and certainly give you a good laugh.    

5. Pet Some Puppies

Okay, this one is pretty self-explanatory. If a herd of Golden Retriever puppies can’t put a smile on your face then nothing will. Head to your local pet store and pet pups who, similarly to you, need some love and affection! Who knows, you just might leave with a Valentine after all.

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