Get Ready for the Trek to Indio with your Favorite Coachella Hits!

Get Ready for the Trek to Indio with your Favorite Coachella Hits!

Are YOU Ready for Coachella 2018?

You may have your outfits planned out, your coolers full and cars packed but are you CarpoolChella ready for the long trek to Indio with your Coachella 2018 playlist? If not, have no fear, this is a short and easy guide to build a playlist that will make your car ride a short and fun one! Your playlist will be THE talk the whole way there!

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Tip #1: Stick to the Artists on the Coachella 2018 Lineup

As tempting as it may be to do a mash up of all your favorite artists, it is recommended to stick to the Coachella 2018 line up alone. That way, you and all your friends can really prep and prioritize which artists you want to see at which times. 

Tip #2: Keep it UPBEAT

You don’t want anyone falling asleep on the way to the Polo Fields, so it's best to keep the people in your car HYPED by playing upbeat music from all the artists on the lineup. This will keep everyone pumped and ready for the long weekend ahead!

Tip #3: Keep it DIVERSE

Try and do a medley of ALL the artists on the lineup! Even if you’re personally not a fan or don't know an artist, someone in your car may be so do some prior research and make sure you cover all genres and artists that are going to be at #Chella. This is also a great way for you to discover new music before you get there in case you find a new artist and want to squeeze them into your schedule!

Tip #4: Don’t Overlook Unknown Artists or Other Stage Lineups

Again, another great way to discover new music before you get there! Who knows, you might discover your new favorite artist or band last minute and be able to see them live. Also, make sure to check out other smaller stages' lineups such as the Do LaB stage or the Heineken House for new music!


Tip #5: Check out LIVE Streams!

This is directed to all weekend 2 go er’s: it’s ALWAYS a great idea to check out the live streams from weekend 1 and incorporate them into your playlist to give your riders a sneak peak of the magical performances you all are going to be witnessing! This will ultimately entice your riders and get you all super hyped for an UNFORGETTABLE weekend!

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Tip #6: Sing Covers with WURRLY

When you and all your friends find yourself restless, download Wurrly and sing covers to some of your favorite artists! Guaranteed, this will set your CarpoolChella experience apart from anyone else's and warm up those vocal chords! 

 Singing through the Decades: Oldies & New, Fun for Everyone!

Singing through the Decades: Oldies & New, Fun for Everyone!

The Rx Factor Competition!

The Rx Factor Competition!