5 Music Games for Your Next Party

5 Music Games for Your Next Party

Everyone loves music, and there’s no better way to get a party going than having people sing. For your next party, go beyond creating a good mixtape for the event. Incorporate music into the activities!

One way to do this is to have one or more musical games. Both children and adults enjoy playing games that involve music.

Here are five music games that you can play at your next party.!

Name That Tune: This is a home-version of the classic television game. Create a playlist of several songs. If your party has a theme, your playlist can have songs that relate to the theme. The MC will play the first five seconds of a song. The first person whose hand goes up gets to guess the song. Their team gets one point for naming the title of the song and a bonus point if they can name the band or singer. If they are wrong, they lose a point and cannot answer again until the next song. If nobody is able to “name the tune” with the first five-second play, play the next five seconds. Repeat until someone is successful. You should have eight to ten songs in your game.


How Do You Doo: This game sounds deceptively simple, but it’s actually a lot harder than you might think. Divide your guests into two or more groups. The people in the group take turns being the singer while the rest of the group tries to guess the song that has been assigned. The trick?  The singer can only use the word “doo” instead of the lyrics. Have the groups alternate and the one who gets the most songs wins. How Do You Doo is one of the funniest experiences you can have at a party!


List Off: This game is like “Boggle.”  Make a list of categories such as “Christmas Songs,” “Beach Songs,” and “Songs that Make You Cry”. Divide the guests into two or more teams. Read the category and each team will have three minutes to come up with as many songs as they can that fit the category. After the round is over, each team will read their list and if another team has that song, everyone has to cross the song off. The teams get points for every unique song. If a song is challenged as not being category-specific, the MC rules on the challenge. At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins.


Musical Charades: This game is like reverse regular charades - but with music. You will divide your guests into two teams. Make a playlist with several songs. The teams take turns. A “guesser” puts on noise-cancelling headphones and then the MC plays the first song. The team then has to act out the song silently and the “guesser” has to name the song. The team gets a point when the guesser names the song. Then the next song is played. Each team gets one minute of acting time per round. The team with the most points when the playlist is exhausted wins.


Karaoke: Of course: games are not the only way to involve music in your next party. You could have a karaoke night. Plan a party around a music awards show like the Grammys, The Voice and American Idol. Watch a movie about music like Pitch Perfect. Next time you are planning a party, get creative with the music. Go beyond having background tunes and make the music an active part of the party. Download WURRLY and you can have access to thousands of licensed songs to help you with your next karaoke party!


Music works year round and the games listed above can work with any theme. Both children’s and adult’s parties will be more fun if you play music games.

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