5 Reasons WHY You Should Download WURRLY Right Now...

5 Reasons WHY You Should Download WURRLY Right Now...

It's no secret that singing can do wonders for the mind, body and soul but have you ever thought about how downloading an app like WURRLY could actually improve multiple areas in your life? Here's why!

1. Self-Confidence

Singing is associated with improved self-esteem, confidence, higher sense of community, increased social life and improved communication skills. Such benefits are found even among people with no formal musical training or skill. An application such as Wurrly, focuses on tailoring the singing experience to the user with unique tools such as adjusting the key, speed and instrumentals. Wurrly is not only easy to navigate, but is jam packed with confidence booster songs that are readily accessible! Check out our other blog article to see a list of these songs.


2. Posture 

Singing is considered to be a physical activity because when one sings, one is forced to stand up straight, breathe deeply from the diaphragm, and present one's voice using the upper body, neck, face, and jaw muscles. As a result, these actions release tension in the body and improve posture. Great posture is among the many physical benefits from singing so download Wurrly now and get in shape!

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3. Public Speaking

There is a direct correlation with singing and speaking that encompasses terms singers would be familiar with such as: tone, rhythm, pausing, dynamics and phrasing. Tone involves the proper placement of vowel sounds, mouth formation, and proper breathing. While speaking in front of an audience, it is essential to apply these techniques in order to give an exceptional speech. Rhythm, has been arguably lost in the art of giving speeches but it is recommended to have a sort of "flow" throughout your speech to keep your sound fluid. Pauses are common for dramatic effects but are also crucial in speeches! Dynamics are simple, loud vs. soft, who wouldn't want to be heard, whether you're singing or making a speech! LASTLY, phrasing is the most meaningful of all, with proper phrasing, the gut-level meaning of the song comes to life. Speakers tend to lack this skill, however, when properly executed, it makes quite an impact. Use Wurrly to practice all these skills and become a better public speaker whether you're in school or at work! 

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4. Happiness

Among countless physical benefits, Wurrly provides mental health benefits as well. Research shows that singing improves mood and can reduce depression and anxiety for some, which can then reduce the need for mood-altering medications. Singing causes endorphins to be released, generating feelings of euphoria and pleasure. One study found that group activities increase participants' sense of well-being more so than solo efforts. If that's the case, grab a friend, sing a duet, and give it a WURRL! 


5. Fun 

Ringing in the very obvious, Wurrly is a FUN app to use! Upon downloading and using WURRLY, guaranteed you will have a smile on your face throughout the entire experience! What better way to spend a Friday night than hosting a karaoke party with friends, using Wurrly, and singing your hearts out! 

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