8 Reasons Why Karaoke is a HEALTHY Addiction

8 Reasons Why Karaoke is a HEALTHY Addiction

Do your friends tell you that you need a 12-Step Program for your Karaoke addiction? James J. Peters humorously outlined the 10 signs you might be a Karaoke addict many years ago. But unlike addictions to alcohol or drugs, a Karaoke addiction can actually be a good thing!

There is a Japanese study which specifically looked at the health benefits of Karaoke. Here are 8 Ways that Karaoke is a healthy addiction:

1. Singing is Breathing


You’ve probably heard that taking deep, relaxing breaths is good for your overall physical and mental health. This is why practices like Mindfulness and Yoga have become so popular.

But you can get similar benefits from going to a club and rocking out to some Karaoke. Singing reduces shortness of breath issues, increases the strength of your voice, improves your posture, increases lung capacity, and boosts your immune system.

Take that you Downward Facing Dog!



2. Karaoke is a Great Stress Reliever

Good singers know that belting out a song can make them feel better. The rest of us just raise the stress levels of everyone around us when we sing! But Karaoke is the great equalizer, it is a socially acceptable way for anyone to sing.

When you sing, your muscles relax. Additionally, singing reduces the level of cortisol in your system. Most of us experience too much stress in our fast-paced world and are pumping out more cortisol than is good for our bodies. This can increase your chance of being overweight, getting diabetes, or even dying of a cardiovascular disease. Karaoke can be an antidote to the high-speed world we live in.


3. Singing Boosts Your Self Esteem


When you give a great Karaoke performance, your friends, family, and maybe even the entire bar will praise you. Getting positive feedback from people who care about you can boost your self esteem. 

Singing is also a natural way to nurture yourself as a person. When you really get into a song, there is no room for negative self-talk. 

Additionally, having the courage to face your fears and go on stage will empower you. Karaoke is a safe way to do something that we are often restricted from doing — singing,—and it will help you feel better about yourself.



4. Build Social Bonds

When you sing in the shower, (you hope) no one hears you. But Karaoke is a social activity. That means that when you have a Karaoke party at home or go to a bar that features Karaoke, you are engaging with other people. 

There is significant evidence that humans evolved to have “tribes” that support them. Most Hunter Gatherer villages housed 150 people. Today’s cognitive science researchers have found that we have room in our lives for 150 people. That’s not a coincidence. But how many of us have 150 people who we can genuinely interact within our lives?That is where activities like Karaoke come into play. Singing in a group situation regularly helps you build social bonds.


5. Reduce Blood Pressure


The American Heart Association says high blood pressure can lead to all kinds of maladies including heart attack, stroke, and sexual dysfunction. Yet, almost 1 in 3 adults suffer from the condition; that’s 75 million people. Many of these people have a condition that cannot be completely controlled by medication.

But a Harvard study showed that singing a single song can reduce blood pressure by as much as 30 points!  While you should never quit medication without your doctor’s permission, an active Karaoke life may just prevent a heart attack.



6. The Natural AntiDepressant

One in six Americans are currently on psych meds -- most of them are antidepressants. Almost 85 percent of people on Antidepressants will take them for two or more years. We live in a world where people are profoundly unhappy.

Our bodies have a hormone that acts as a natural antidepressant. It’s called Oxytocin. Oxytocin relieves anxiety and depression. Singing releases tons of oxytocin and some psychiatrists prescribe a singing regimen in addition to meds. Practicing Karaoke a couple of times a week could pull you out of a funk.

Perhaps Dr. Freud should have advised patients to spend less time on the couch — and more on the stage!


7. Singing Produces Beautiful Skin


As mentioned above, singing expands your breath. This improves your blood circulation and oxygen flow. These two factors are the key to healthier, younger-looking skin.

Additionally, when you sing, you relax and stretch the muscles in your face. While you could spend hours doing face yoga for the same results — wouldn’t you rather be doing Karaoke with your friends?

Besides, when you’re really blasting out Sweet Caroline you can’t help but look good!



8. Karaoke Burns Calories

A 150-pound woman will burn 140 calories an hour when doing Karaoke. If that’s not a good reason to start singing, I don’t know what is. (However, the 3 margaritas that you had to down before having the courage to get up on stage may counteract this benefit!)


Feed Your Addiction

If you are addicted to Karaoke, don’t hide your guilty pleasure. Embrace the social and health benefits of singing! Whether you go to a local bar, hold a Karaoke party in your home, or use the Wurrly app, let your voice be heard! That beats a 12-step program any day.



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