7 Ways WURRLYedu Can Help You!

7 Ways WURRLYedu Can Help You!

1. WURRLYedu engages students - all lesson plans start with inspiration - an emotional hook that makes the lesson relevant to the students.


2. We provide thousands of songs in our catalog, across many different genres, to give ownership to the teacher and students as to class or individual repertoire.

song catalog

3. WURRLYedu brings high quality recording tools into the classroom that are easy to use.

4. Our customization engine allows you to change the key, speed and even instrumentation of a song to best support self expression.


5. Reflection on recordings allows students to step into the shoes of the teacher - seeing what they see is a powerful learning tool.


6. Lessons can extend beyond the classroom walls - lessons can also be flipped (meaning you learn at home and practice in class).

Lesson Plans

7. Tracking your progress with recorded assessments allows students to see how far they have come, which in turn is inspiring!


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WURRLYedu's Core Curriculum!

WURRLYedu's Core Curriculum!

Teaching English With WURRLYedu

Teaching English With WURRLYedu